Words for 2012

So I’ve been thinking about my new years resolutions and I’ve decided I’m going to take inspiration from the lovely Sian and Rachel and choose 3 words that will inspire and guide me in 2012.

Discover represents moving to a new city, looking for work and starting fresh. After leaving a life in the Middle East I’m excited about meeting new people, collaborating with creatives, discovering new restaurants, cafes, galleries, shops, events… the list is endless. It’s going to be an amazing year of exciting discoveries.

Flair. Fortunately I’m one of the very lucky people around who loves what they do. I’m passionate about design and this year I really want to push myself with accomplishing more personal projects and carry on being inspired by creative people who I come across every day. Seek out opportunities and step out of that comfort zone (and throw in a bit of flair for good measure!)

Fulfillment. Pause and enjoy. Make the most of every opportunity and have fun! Being happy and confident should be high on the priority list for everyone!

So how about everyone else? Any new year resolutions or goals that you’re working towards? Would love to hear!

Pictures above were taken on my travelling adventure last year! From top to bottom are Athens, New York and Lake Bled.