While I was back home for our wedding in January we did a slight detour on our road trip via Oturehua. Here’s a little bit about Oturehua from Wikipedia;

Oturehua lies beneath a Rough Ridge, a range of hills bearing the same name formerly given to Oturehua. The area has changed little from its description in 1905 when it was described as good arable land, from which large crops are successfully raised. In 1905, the township comprised a post and telegraph office, a store, a hotel near the railway station, a school, coal pits and a flour mill. Of these, only the Gilchrist’s General Store and the Oturehua Tavern remain.

We decided to have a look at Gilchrist’s General Store and inside was a treasure trove!! Vintage packaging and signage as far as the eye could see! I snapped a few pics of the amazing collection they have.