Awesome & Awkward

I’m taking a page out of The Daybook today and starting a series about things that are Awesome and things that are totally Awkward! Enjoy. A xo


01. New Zealand coffee! Can’t. Get. Enough.
02. All the pretty 2012 calendars that are popping up on Pinterest. Danelle and Hannah did awesome round ups over on their blogs.
03. Getting ready for a trip to Sydney and Melbourne next week. Yep another holiday. (Hopefully there will be no getting lost!)
04. Kitzy the deer! Need one. Available at Gretel.


01. My google reader forever being on 1000+… can’t bring myself to ‘mark all as read’!
02. Being on the phone to Adobe help line 3 times this week with the calls lasting between 1-2 hours. Very annoying.
03. Power cut when I’m downloading a stupidly large file and having to start again. Oh and did I mention it was on dial up connection? Yep that still exists people.